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  • Deliver Secure and Seamless Online School Assessments

    Tuesday 12 October 2021

    16:00 [GMT +11]

    Faculty, administrators, and students today are faced with the challenge of modernising the assessment experience which has been synonymous with traditional pen and paper delivery and are often delivered in-person within a controlled physical zone. Schools are increasingly adopting approaches to support a hybrid mode of tests and exams as they get prepared for unprecedented times such as lockdowns due to the pandemic.

  • Has Data Migration Been Accepted as a Challenge in the Pharmacovigilance Industry?

    Wednesday 10 November 2021

    11:00 [EST]

    In an industry as complex and measured as pharmacovigilance, “change” is a dreaded word. Years are spent in putting up processes, tools and software in compliance with different regulations. Thus, safety systems stay in place, no matter how obsolete they become with the evolution of technology.

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